Bike Servicing and Repair options

Basic Service £45

A general safety check and tune for your bike £40


Basic adjustment of rear derailer gear selection and front and rear brakes. Check of headset, wheel bearings for play and general inspection of wheels and tyres. Check and lubricate chain. Additional parts required will be at an extra cost.

General Service £60

A comprehensive service for you bike 

Full safety check for your bike with all bolts and fasteners checked for tightness. Adjustment of front and rear gears (as required/fitted). Adjustment of front and rear brakes. Check of wheels and minor truing. Cleaning of chain and drivetrain. Check and adjustment of hub bearing (as required). Check and adjustment of headset bearings (as required). Any parts required will be at an additional cost

Full Tune Up £110

Strip down of bike back to frame


This is a full strip down and removal of all parts from the frame with inspection and rebuild. Any parts required will be at additional cost


Bike Serving
A Full quotation for any parts and labour will be provided with bespoke parts pricing depending on the specification of your cycle.
Example Labour Charges
Inner Tube or Tyre replacement £10
Chain replacement £10
Brake Pads replacement per wheel £10
Brake cable replacement £10 per wheel
Gear cable replacement £12
Rear cassette replacement £15
Hydraulic brake bleed £20 per wheel
Bottom bracket replacement £20